Behind On Payments? Don’t Wait!

Behind On Payments? Don’t Wait
Speaker 1:
Hey everyone, this is Darren with Big Buck Home Buyers here, and I just wanted to make a quick video because I just finished up a meeting with a very responsible homeowner. So anyway, I got a call from some homeowners who are getting a little tight on their expenses, to say the least, and they have had trouble making the payment on their mortgage this month. So we had a meeting, we talked through some expenses and all that stuff. I have to say that getting a call this early is amazing because I do get calls as well when I have homeowners who are tens of thousands of dollars behind on their mortgage payments. They haven’t paid it in six months, a year, whatever, and they are facing foreclosure next month or next week.

So anyway, this was very refreshing because here we are halfway through the month and they’re stressing because they have not paid their mortgage, which I would be too. However, there still is plenty of time to help folks that are in a situation such as this. The sooner that you get out in front of it, the more options that you have. So if you ever are facing a time when you are having trouble paying your mortgage call for someone to ask for help. Call us 210-920-5280. Visit us at We’re happy to give you options.

Or of course, talk to your lender and just tell them that you are having trouble at the moment and you’re trying to figure out the best move to make at this point. Okay? But the key is to get out in front of it as soon as you can. Don’t ignore it because often it takes a lot to change your financial situation. So the sooner you deal with it, the sooner you can get out of it and the sooner that you can move on and not worry about it. So anyway, just wanted to put this together. I hope this is helpful. Have a great day.
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