Big Buck Home Buyers Project | September 2020 | 210-920-5280

Big Buck Home Buyers Project | September 2020 | 210 920 5280
Video Transcription

Darren: Hey everyone. This is Darren with Big Buck Home Buyers, and we just bought this house. And we’re very excited about it. We’ve actually already started some work on it. And I wanted to take you on a quick little through to show you our plan for it. So let’s go take a look inside.

All right. So here we are coming in from the front door. And we walk in, as you can see, there’s a nice, big, great room in here. Right now we’re just doing some updates. We’re putting in new flooring. We’re painting everything, the ceilings and the walls, of course. Nice little kitchen area over here, which really doesn’t need much work, but still we’re going to update the countertops and painting, of course. And go over into the master bedroom, and nice, big room here. Again, we’re putting in new flooring. Walls have been painted. We’re putting in a new vanity as well over here, just to kind of modernize everything a little bit. And got down the hall where we have another bathroom and again, same type of updates in here. One bedroom, another bedroom, and a third. And again, it’s just really cleanup here. We’re putting new paint, of course, in flooring throughout the house. And we’ll have it fixed up here in just a couple of weeks and ready for someone else.

So as you may have gathered from our other videos, we are able to buy houses fast for cash and we can close quickly. And that’s exactly what we did on this property. The only exception is that we took our time to close because the seller wasn’t quite ready. And so we were able to push back our closing date a little bit in order to meet the sellers needs for that. However, we did pay cash with this one, and we could have closed within 14 days probably if we wanted to or if not faster. And so of course, what we do whenever we look to acquire property is we look to see how we can best help the seller.

And in this case, the seller did not want realtors working here. She didn’t want any folks walking through the house to look at it. She just wanted to sell it and know it was sold and move on. And that’s exactly the service that we were able to offer her. And that was valuable to her. And I’m so glad that we were able to help her. We got a great house here. We’re going to just modernize it a little bit. She took great care of the house. There really isn’t much to do here aside from a few little cosmetic things. We’re going to get fixed up and get another family in here who can enjoy it for a long time. So thanks for watching and check us out on our website, Give us a call at (210) 920-5280. Thanks.

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