Boerne House Complete 4 19 2021 – Big Buck Home Buyers

Boerne House Complete 4 19 2021 - Big Buck Home Buyers

Darren: Hey everyone. This is Darren with Big Buck Home Buyers and we are finished. This flip, it is going to be on the market in a couple of days. It turned out beautifully and we are extremely excited with how this property’s turned out. So we’re going to walk in here and have a quick look and I just realized this but this is kind of awesome because on the fence, on the front gate, there’s a buck. I should’ve made that connection a long time ago. Of course, we’re Big Buck Home Buyers.
Anyway, a couple of things as to what we did on the outside here. So, we did put in gravel for a new driveway. It was kind of lacking in that regard and so people need a nice clean place to drive. But as you can see, you’ve already seen this. We’ve painted the outside, new roof, all that stuff and we’ve done a bunch of landscaping since our last video here, just to make it look awesome.
This property, this yard is really cool. It’s an acre and a half. I think I mentioned that before but there’s a ton of beautiful trees out here. It’s really amazing and so I’ll walk you around the back in a minute but we’ll go inside here and have a look.
All right, here we are inside and as you can see, we’ve had it staged and it is looking awesome. We are very, very happy with how this property turned out. You can see the kitchen is all finished; nice and shiny. Beautiful marble countertops. Nice crisp, clean white cabinets and there’s a living room there and let’s go down and check out the two bedrooms and the bathroom. Down a little hallway, here we are in the hall bath. Again, everything in here is new, nice and shiny. Beautiful shower. Nice clean tub.
Here’s one the back bedroom or the one of the smaller bedrooms. Still a nice size. Two nice big windows. Here’s the front bedroom and we’ll pass through again into the master bedroom. And here it is, we also had this staged just to get it good use of all the space that we have here; a little sitting area there over in the corner. And we go through here into the master bathroom, and this is staged as well as you can see. Everything looks nice and clean, nice and bright.
And we’ll go back into the back room, pass through the laundry area, and here we are in our back room. So this, of course, can be used for many different things. Our stager has set this up as a little game room, a little study in the back there and all these built-ins decorated with some vases and dogs and clocks, whatever else and it is all finished. It’s come together so nicely. You can see we put this cool wainscotting texture up top on the ceiling and we’ll go outside real quick.
And here’s your view from the back door. So we’ve put in a flagstone patio there, new septic tank is out there and grass is in the process of sprouting, so that’ll come up. We gave the sheds a little overhaul, just a quick little paint job and fixed up some of the siding on one of them. Cleared out all that dead brush and made things look much better.
All right, we’ll carry on with our outside view here. So again, lots of room; acre and a half, out in the country. You may remember from one of our first videos of everything that was inside of all these sheds. There was a ton of stuff to remove and also a lot of brush; a lot of old bushes, dead bushes that had to be removed.
But anyway, it’s all cleaned back there now and much better. You can see that we’ve done a bunch of gardening out the back here as well, just to dress it up. Nothing too crazy, but it looks a lot nicer than what it did. There’s our flagstone patio. Hopefully someone will be able to enjoy dinner out here one night.
I’m not going to walk back here, but there is a brand new septic system installed and all of this area has been seeded with grass, so hopefully in a couple of weeks, this will all be green.
And we’ll go back here real quick just to show you these. So these sheds in the back, these were looking a little bit sad and they look better. We did paint them, put up some new siding on a couple of the surfaces, but really all this area needed was just a real good clean. There was garbage everywhere here. These sheds were full of junk. There was a massive pile of wood right here that I burned over the course of a week or so. And you know, it’s back and usable. Someone’s can do a lot with this area.
So we’re very happy with this property. Hope you’ve enjoyed the videos on this and we’re ready for the next one.

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