Buying Rural Country Houses 3 Tips Septic Big Buck Home Buyers

Buying Rural Country Houses 3 Tips   Septic   Big Buck Home Buyers
Speaker 1:
Okay. The next city comfort, let’s call it that, that you want to be aware of when you’re in the country is the septic system. Very likely your property is not going to be on a city sewage system, and so probably you’re going to have a septic tank onsite, and that’s cool. That’s totally fine. It just needs to be maintained and you need to be aware of its condition, its whereabouts and whether it’s suited for the house.

When we bought this property, of course, I knew it was on a septic tank, but the homeowner wasn’t really sure where it was. I had a suspicion as to where it was, but didn’t really know. The other thing is that they hadn’t had it pumped in a few years, so I just assumed that I would need to do that, which I was correct on, but then also they said it was in great working order. It was a family of four. They didn’t have any problems with it. It drains just fine. All good signs, right? Well, this house actually had larger square footage than was actually originally planned. Also, we ended up adding a bathroom. Since it’s now a three bedroom, two bathroom house, we had to make sure that the septic system matched the size of the house.

What we had to do, long story short, is we actually did have to put in a whole new septic system, and we attempted to do a conventional system where we have a nice long septic field. It’s a couple hundred feet long, actually, that they have to dig a channel that’s, I think, like four feet deep that allows just the water to drain off over time. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really an option because there’s just too much rock out here. We had to go with an aerobic system and that’s what you see in front of you. This is, unfortunately, cost about twice the price of a conventional system, but it’s sized correctly for the house now. Whoever purchases this house is going to have no problems with this whatsoever. It’s going to last them for a long time and they’ll be all set, but basically, this has a little pump on it. That’s what that white box is there with the lights on top.

Every so often, whenever it gets a little bit too full, then it’s starts up some sprinklers out in the yard to drain off some of the water. There’s one. You can see that purple of the sprinkler head and there’s three or four more down there as well. A septic tank, it’s kind of difficult to do a whole lot of diligence on it because you don’t really want to go digging up someone’s property before own the property. They might be open to it. It might be worth it to do or at least ask, but certainly prior to buying a property that has a septic tank, you want to make sure that you get that septic tank inspected. You want to make sure it’s working correctly, that it’s draining correctly and that it’s sized properly for the house. Learned a few lessons on this one, but again, whoever purchases this property now is going to have an awesome septic system that’s going to work for many years to come. Thank you.
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