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Gran Vista Walkthrough We Buy Houses Big Buck Home Buyers 2109205280

Gran Vista Walkthrough We Buy Houses Big Buck Home Buyers 2109205280
Hey, everyone. This is Darren with Big Buck Home Buyers, and we just bought this house with cash. I want to take you through it and let you have a look. Just a quick little note on the situation. The seller had inherited this house and she just didn’t want to take the time to fix it up. She didn’t want to pay the taxes or the maintenance on it or anything like that, so she called Big Buck Home Buyers and we were able to work out a price that she was happy with, and we were able to purchase it. So our plan here is to do a full rehab on it. It just needs to be updated, it’s a great house. It’s really pretty solid on the outside, for sure. But it’s time for an update, and so we’re going to take our time with it and get it all cleaned up and ready for someone else to call home. So I’ll flip you around here and you can have a look.

Okay, walking in the front door here, and you can see that off to the left we have the dining room. To the right is the living room area, and you keep on walking through and it opens up into a family room. And so, again, this is great space that a family can have a lot of fun with. If we come through the left side here, you can see we have the kitchen, and we’re certainly going to open this up a little bit and try to make the kitchen a little more spacious. Laundry room off to the side there, and if we come back in through here, you can see that the master suite is off to the side. So this has already been pulled apart a little bit, the former owner had started on a rehab here himself, but we’ll just need to come in and finish it out. You can see he’s got a nice new bathtub in there and everything, but again, we’ll just have to finish it up.

Coming back in here, we can go upstairs. There are three bedrooms upstairs, and so first of all, here is one bedroom. Again, we just have to clean it up a little bit, a lot of former belongings of the former owner here, and walk through the bathroom. This is kind of a neat bathroom because has one bathtub, but it has two little separate bathroom areas. So we’ll update both of those. And we do a little loop here, come back. Another bedroom here, this is in the front of the house. A lot of stuff to clean up in here, but that’s okay, we can take care of that. And the last bedroom, and again, a little bit of stuff to clean up here, but not too bad.

And so our plan for sure is to update all the floors everywhere. We’re going to put in a new kitchen, new bathrooms. We’ll take down all the paneling, do nice new light fixtures and a French door going off to the backyard, and we’re just going to really freshen it up and make it beautiful. And you can see it’s got a great backyard out there. Nice big backyard, good fence and all that. But yeah, we purchased this house with cash. We were able to close, this one we closed in about two weeks. It was on the timetable of the seller, and we were able to take care of it for her. So thanks for watching, and stay tuned.
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