Kashmuir Walkthrough We Buy Houses Cash Big Buck Home Buyers

Kashmuir Walkthrough We Buy Houses Cash Big Buck Home Buyers
Hey everyone. This is Darren with Big Buck Home Buyers and I wanted to just give you an update on our latest project here. And it’s basically finished, which is awesome. It’s taken us a long time. We’ve certainly been through the ringer on this one for a few reasons, but I’m just happy to say that it is done. It looks wonderful. And I’m going to take you on a quick tour on the inside.

So of course we freshened up the outside and did some painting, put in some gardens. I’ll be moving that hose in a bit by the way, and another garden out front here. And coming into the front door, we open up to the main living area. As you can see, we’ve got these beautiful floors throughout, freshened up the paint, new ceiling fans and fixtures everywhere. We just really were able to, for the most part, go down to the studs in this one and make it all nice and fresh and new. So nice brand new bathroom. Everything in here is new. Again, went down to the studs basically, so we had to do everything, which was awesome.

Here’s one of the first bedrooms. Nice big window there. Nice big closet, new ceiling fan as well. And this is the master. So three windows in this one, which is great. Again, nice big closet. And here’s the master bathroom. And again, everything’s new here, nice bathtub, and shower. And coming back into the living area, we’ll go into one of the front bedrooms here. And this is actually a four two, which is not really normal for this area. So given that we’re in the middle of COVID right now, and a lot of folks are working from home and kids are doing school from home, hopefully this will be an asset to someone who needs that extra space. So it’s around 1,500 square feet altogether, but again, there’s four bedrooms and someone can easily fill it full of kids I guess, or use one of the bedrooms as an office. So here’s the fourth bedroom, just off the kitchen.

And here we are in the kitchen. And again, we have gone right down to the studs in this one and we put in new cabinets, new countertops of course, appliances, light fixtures, and we’ve really been able to modernize this. Off the kitchen is a dining area. So here I am in the corner of the kitchen looking at the back area and the door to the backyard and off the kitchen here is the laundry room, okay? So another nice room here, a closet in the back there, plenty of room, more counter space, more storage. And so here’s a view from the back corner, looking into the kitchen. So it’s fairly spacious here and I’m really happy with how this place turned out.

So again, we ended up having to do a lot in this place. We rewired it. We put in the new sewer line in the backyard, new flooring of course, new paint, a lot of new drywall because we actually pulled wires through the whole house, so the whole house has been upgraded from an electrical standpoint. A brand new HVAC system, including the air handler, the condenser, and also brand new duct work throughout the house. And then of course all the things that you saw in the video.

So I hope you like it. Again, this has been a very interesting project, we’ve learned a lot from it, and we’re really excited that someone’s going to get to call this place home very soon. Thanks.
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