Lubbock Walkthrough – Big Buck Home Buyers – Home Cash Offer

Lubbock Walkthrough Big Buck Home Buyers Home Cash Offer
Hey everyone, how you doing? This is Darren from Big Buck Home Buyers, and behind me is our latest acquisition. It’s a great little house south of downtown in San Antonio. We’re super excited to get started on it. And I’ll take you on a quick walk through.

Okay. So this is a super cute 660 or so square foot house built in 1925. It’s time for some updates, as you can see in here, but it is really in very good shape. The outside in particular has been very well looked after. And we got in touch with the seller, the former owner of this property. And she had been living here for quite a few years, and her mom owned the house before her, and it was just time for her to get out and get on to something fresh. So we were able to work out a price that worked for her. We bought this house with all cash. And I’ll say that she was really a expert negotiator. And paid a little more than what we wanted, but that’s okay. We feel good knowing that she got some good value out of this property and that we got a great house.

So we have some big plans for this place. The layout is just a little awkward as it is, and so our plan is to make it more of a… Just have the flow of the house a little bit more efficient, because right now you have to walk through one of the bedrooms in order to get to the kitchen and the bathroom and that sort of thing. So we’re going to open up a couple of walls here and try to make that just a little bit better. But anyway, this house, like I said, it was well taken care of. A lot has been maintained here. As you can see, it’s a little bit dated, but that’s okay. And it was honestly spotless when we bought it, which was a real pleasant surprise, because some of the houses that we get, they can be a little bit on the dirty side, but that’s okay.

But anyway, this was a property that we were able to make a cash offer on. And we were able to close on the seller’s schedule. We were scheduled for one day, but she needed another week. And so we were able to accommodate that and give her some extra time, which was awesome. And so the cool thing about this property is that if we go out in the backyard here, there is a little casita out here, as well. And so we are going to eventually be working on this as well. We’re going to start with the main house and modernize that just a little bit. And then we’ll start working on here, out at the casita, and make this a more modern space as well. But anyway, we’re very excited to get going on this. It’s an awesome little place. And stay tuned. We’ll keep giving you some updates. Thanks.
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