Our Latest Project – We Buy Houses – Big Buck Home Buyers

Our Latest Project- We Buy Houses - Big Buck Home Buyers
Video Transcription

Darren: Hey everyone. This is Darren, with Big Buck Home Buyers. I just wanted to take a minute and let you have a look at our latest project, and show you what’s going on.

This house behind me is one that we purchased back a couple of months ago. We have just finished the remodel on it, and is actually going to be sold next week. We’re very excited about it. It came together really nicely.

This is a historical home located in the Monticello area of San Antonio. We did what we could everywhere, in order to preserve all of the historic touches. Of course, we updated the kitchen, but we restored the windows, kept those nice, beautiful windows. And, of course, the floors. We had to keep the floors, the floors are gorgeous. Had those refinished, they look amazing.

The reason why I want to show you this, is just to let you know a little bit about what we do. Of course, a part of our business is buying houses, cash. This is a house that we actually did purchase cash. We try to assist homeowners whenever we can, with part with their properties if they need to. If they have some sort of a distress situation in which they have to sell their house fast, we can help.

In this case, the seller had to move out of state in order to take another job. So we stepped in, we met with her. We were able to come to an agreement on price, and we were able to make her an all cash offer. She accepted that offer. We were able to close quickly and she was able to move.

So, we made our cash offer, closed quickly, and she was also able to sell a house without repairs. I can’t think of anything more stressful than having to repair a whole property when you’re planning on moving out of state, and also trying to start a new job.

I want to take you right in here, real quick. This is one of the bathrooms. Cool bathroom. Nice and clean. Nice and shiny.

With this property, it did require a good amount of repairs. This bedroom in particular, was actually kind of destroyed by a dog. We took the time to fix it all up, shine it all up, clean it up wherever we could and make it look beautiful.  Here’s another bathroom, as you can see, nice subway tile surround in there, nice new bathtub. Everything’s nice and shiny.

One of the bonuses about this place, I’m going to take you to the backyard here. It’s really beautiful. Going to step outside, got to put my shoes on so we keep everything clean here. Here we are in the backyard. This is really amazing, because back here, we’ve got this beautiful canopy of trees. We put in some grass in the back and these trees are standing, aren’t they nice?

Another little bonus is, that right behind me is a little casita. This is a potential income producing a dwelling for someone. Here we are in the casita, and we’ve done this one up quite nicely as well.

As you can see, everything’s nice and shiny, nice two floors. We’ll take into the bathroom here. Nice new bathroom, there’s going to be a pink bathtub right there in, well, I guess in about a week. But anyway, I just wanted to take a minute and show you everything here that we do.

We’re really proud of this project. We’ve taken a house, in a situation where the seller just had to part with it. She sold it to us cash, we closed quickly, we bought it as is, we fixed it up, and now it’s going to be a home for someone else.

Despite all this COVID-19 stuff, we are still open for business. We are actively purchasing houses. We understand that problems with houses, they just don’t go away. If we can help, if you just need to talk to someone about how to potentially deal with the problem with your house, please give us a call.

We can be reached at (210) 920-5280, or visit us on the web at bigbuckhomebuyers.com. We are active in San Antonio. We’re active in all major metropolitan areas of Texas, including Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, even Midland Odessa. We do some work out there.

Of course, we do the whole social distancing thing here as well. There’s no one here right now, so I don’t have to wear a mask. But if we ever do have to visit your home, we keep our distance, we wear masks, gloves if we need to, all of that.

Just the other day, we were able to close on a property over the phone. We hadn’t even set foot inside the property. We’ve gone by pictures, and all that, and we can make offers over the phone. Sight unseen, we can make it happen.

Again, please, if you have a house that you need to sell, we would love to help. We can help in any situation. Give us a call (210) 920-5280. Or visit us on the web bigbuckhomebuyers.com. Thanks, everyone.

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