Home from Foreclosure in San Antonio

Top 5 Tips on Saving Your Home from Foreclosure in San Antonio

The last few years have been rough for everyone, including people from all walks of life. If you too have experienced a more turbulent than usual time the last few years and your finances are in bad shape, you may have found yourself dealing with an impending foreclosure. You may even be wondering how to … Continued

Top 5 Mistakes San Antonio Home Sellers Make

Are you finally ready to sell your house? Before you put the for sale sign in your front yard, there are a few nuances your should be aware of, if considered correctly could bring you a top dollar for your property. Believe it or not, but you could leave a lot of money on the … Continued

The 4 Best Ways to Wholesale Properties in Texas

Some may believe that buying and selling real estate as an investor is simple. Well, there’s a lot involved in a real estate transaction and understanding all the steps involved can be a lot for a new investor to handle. When it comes to learning about real estate deals, the marketing and how to fairly … Continued

6 Tips To Sell Your House Fast

Clean and Declutter Clean your entire house and keep it clean! Keep countertops and furniture free of clutter. Vacuum and mop floors. Clean bathrooms – toilets too! Price it Right! Find out what your property is worth based on it’s current condition and then offer a 10-15% discount. Fix What is Broken Fix items that … Continued

6 Reasons Your San Antonio House Isn’t Selling

Your house still hasn’t sold? It can be stressful waiting for a buyer to come along. It is emotionally draining having to get the house ready for showings and have no offers follow. You may also be feeling an increasing financial burden as the bills continue to roll in as time passes. It’s possible that … Continued