5 Seller Hacks for Homeowners in San Antonio

Let’s face it; real estate sales involve a great deal of red tape, legalities, and paperwork after waiting for the right buyer to come along. But, as you may be all too aware, as the monthly bills keep rolling in and things around your house keep breaking, the longer your home sits on the  San … Continued

Strategies to Help You Reach Your Home Selling Goals in San Antonio

Do you find yourself wishing there was a better way to sell your home? Look no more! There has been a revolutionary change in the real estate industry. Real estate agents and professional investors have joined forces, combining the best of both worlds to create a unique one-stop service for homeowners. As hybrid agent investors, … Continued

Lubbock Walkthrough – Big Buck Home Buyers – Home Cash Offer

Darren: Hey everyone, how you doing? This is Darren from Big Buck Home Buyers, and behind me is our latest acquisition. It’s a great little house south of downtown in San Antonio. We’re super excited to get started on it. And I’ll take you on a quick walk through. Okay. So this is a super…

Tranquil Trail Complete – Big Buck Home Buyers – 210-920-5280

Jared: Hey everyone. This is Jared again with Big Buck Home Buyers and I just wanted to take you on a walk through, through our latest project. So we bought this house probably a month and a half ago or so, and it is actually getting ready to go on the market, hopefully tomorrow. So…

Top 5 Mistakes San Antonio Home Sellers Make

Are you finally ready to sell your house? Before you put the for sale sign in your front yard, there are a few nuances your should be aware of, if considered correctly could bring you a top dollar for your property. Believe it or not, but you could leave a lot of money on the … Continued

5 Estate Sale Tips for Property Owners in San Antonio

Are you a property owner in San Antonio and need to liquidate an estate and don’t know how to begin? Are you contemplating an estate sale? Normally an estate sale happens following the passing of a loved one but they can also be useful in other situations. Other instances where an estate sale can be … Continued

The 4 Best Ways to Wholesale Properties in Texas

Some may believe that buying and selling real estate as an investor is simple. Well, there’s a lot involved in a real estate transaction and understanding all the steps involved can be a lot for a new investor to handle. When it comes to learning about real estate deals, the marketing and how to fairly … Continued

3 Ways Wholesalers Can Find Motivated Sellers in San Antonio

A wholesaler is only as good as the deal he can present. This means finding motivated sellers who are willing to sell a property for less than current market value for any reason. Three ways wholesalers can find motivated sellers in San Antonio include targeting very specific avenues, casting a wide net or something in … Continued