5 Estate Sale Tips for Property Owners in San Antonio

5 Estate Sale Tips for Property Owners in San Antonio

Are you a property owner in San Antonio and need to liquidate an estate and don’t know how to begin? Are you contemplating an estate sale? Normally an estate sale happens following the passing of a loved one but they can also be useful in other situations. Other instances where an estate sale can be helpful is following a divorce, when downsizing your house or going through some other personal transition – really any time when a large amount of household items need to be disposed of. As a property owner in San Antonio now responsible for the contents of an estate, it can be difficult filtering through all the possessions especially after a loved one has passed. Be careful to find and set aside important documents, deeds, titles, bank statements, or other financial documents required for the income tax return. 

You never know where valuables may be. Check coat pockets, pants pockets and even flip through books. You may find money, jewelry or even important documents hiding in these places. Of course boxes and file cabinets are other areas to look through carefully. For a successful outcome, pay close attention to these five estate sale tips for property owners in San Antonio


For property owners in San Antonio who are planning an estate sale, don’t clean items, especially antiques other than dusting. Applying too much elbow grease to an antique piece of furniture could clean off a lot of its value! Be sure to give everything a chance sell and don’t rush to discard clothing, tools or kitchen items. You never know what may be valuable. Don’t throw out or donate clothing, kitchen items, or even tools from the garage, which may be valuable. Collectors love to frequent estate sales because of the potential to find vintage items. As the property owner, it may be tempting to have a garage sale but don’t be so quick to do this. If a lot smaller items are available, then an estate sale may be a good option since these usually bring in a lot of money. The easiest way to deal with the emotional process of cleaning out the property is to call on estate liquidators who are licensed professionals, so if you’re unwilling or unable to handle the task personally, call at least two estate sale companies.

Don’t Guess

Collectors and other buyers swarm estate sales looking for unique treasures. As property owners in San Antonio, you will find that a good estate sale company will advise you on what items are most valuable. It is important to not guess at the value of an item because an item you may believe to be worthless may be worth a lot of money. If you are unsure of the value, then do some research and find out what the item is actually worth. You never know – it may be part of a larger collection. It isn’t unheard of for family members to learn too late that they’ve tossed out something of great importance, which a critical estate sale tip for property owners in San Antonio.

Plan for Rememberances

Another estate sale tip for property owners in San Antonio, is to have a plan to deal with emotional disputes or outbursts if a family member or friend of the deceased wants an item for remembrance. In some cases a will lists certain items to go to family or friends, but others are left to choose items that have a personal memory attached. These items are considered gifts of the estate and should be of nominal value. As the San Antonio property owner and estate representative, it is not your right nor are you obligated to give anything away. You must deliver the family all proceeds from the sale. You could have a pre-sale for this group of individuals, tagging the items for the person who wants them to purchase, thereby meeting your obligation as the estate representative while excluding the items from the public estate sale.


Preparing for an estate sale can take weeks and so another tip for property owners in San Antonio is to allow plenty of time for preparation. You may be better off working with an estate sale professional or even taking care of it yourself if time permits. If very few items of value remain because the family has take most items then a buy-out company is likely your best option. Estate buy-out companies are a one stop shop. You make the call and they clear out the house. While it is a much less emotional process that happens very quickly, you pay for the convenience, typically bringing in much less on the estate sale through this method – but still an option for the property owners.

Understand your Objective

Another essential estate sale tip for property owners in San Antonio is to always remain focused on the reason for the sale. If you are overwhelmed by the work and emotional toll then have an estate sale professional take care of it. If you choose to work with an estate liquidation company, they will market the sale to gain interest in order to ensure the sale’s success. Once a company has viewed the estate, you cannot remove items, or you’ll owe the company the value of any missing pieces.

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