5 Ways Bad San Antonio Real Estate Agents Take Advantage of Their Clients

5 Ways Bad San Antonio Real Estate Agents Take Advantage of Their Clients

Most real estate agents are awesome professionals and meticulous in what they do. However, like in any profession, there are some real estate agents that fall short of this. Working with a bad agent can be extremely costly. Therefore, it is helpful to know the following five ways that bad San Antonio real estate agents take advantage of their clients.


You want to know the experience level of your realtor. Whether they have only closed a few deals or are a seasoned expert, both are fine. But you must have an accurate understanding of their experience. Bad San Antonio real estate agents may misrepresent their experience level, in an attempt to deceive their client. An experienced and effective real estate agent will be a great listener and will ask you many questions in order to determine exactly what you are looking for. If you find that your agent does not have much knowledge of the San Antonio market, it may be a red flag and you may want to consider working with someone else. If they show you properties that simply don’t match up, it is clear they are lost, and you are not with an expert. Experienced investors know the formulas which allow them to calculate the profitability of a particular investment property quickly. Other signs are an agent that does not appear to understand basic investment formulas or seems unfamiliar with the unique language of real estate investing. These are all signs of their lack of experience in this specialized real estate section. 

Letting You Lead

Real estate agents must take the lead when selling your house. Even though you may have a vision regarding your property listing, ineffective San Antonio real estate agents will let you allow you to take the wheel. You may really want to have an open house but keep in mind that most serious buyers are not touring random houses. While an open house may attract a buyer, it is more likely to attract your neighbors interested in selling, curious about your home and listing price. Your agent may be enabling you to lead the way with your listing because they just don’t know what to do, so unless you know more than they do, they should be confident about the steps to take and firm in their advice, leading the way to find a buyer for your home. 

Always Saying Yes

A good agent will be able to tell you no and will always be honest with you. They are the expert and you need their advice and opinion on necessary steps to create the best outcome for your listing. If you find your agent is not forthcoming with any bad news or feedback, or potential issues then your real estate agent may not be completely honest with you. Out of concern for losing business, an agent may say yes to anything. Telling you whatever you want to hear, even if it is not valid, is one way bad San Antonio real estate agents take advantage of their clients. 

False Promises

Bad San Antonio real estate agents may also take advantage of their clients by not following through with their promises. They may entice you with a high sales price for your house in order to secure the sales contract all the while planning on lowering the price after your home lingers on the San Antonio market. Your final sales price is negatively impacted by overpricing since this will cause your property to sit on the market longer. Buyers searching online will reject the property at first glance, well aware they can buy a property that offers much more for the same price. Another promise may be that you hire a top agent and end up working with an assistant.

No Assistance

In an attempt to earn as much commission as possible, bad San Antonio real estate agents may refuse to share their commission in a situation where they may need assistance. If you start to hear excuses about missed tasks or phone calls or emails not returned, then this may be a warning sign for you. Such events can be frustrating and is poor business practice. Not completely paperwork in a timely manner is another way bad San Antonio real estate agents take advantage of their clients. Missed deadlines, errors on paperwork, failure to follow through and ignoring your calls all point to the fact that your agent may be overwhelmed and possibly lacking a successful business system in general. Whether their issues are that they are professionally inept or a mess personally, chaos results from their disorganization.

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