3 Myths People Believe About Selling Your House Directly in San Antonio

3 Myths People Believe About Selling Your House Directly in San Antonio

A lot of effort is needed to determine which sales method is bested suited for your home and your situation. There are many options. How do you know if you are choosing the right one?What if you could sell your home and skip the clean up, thousands of dollars in repairs, last minute house showings and other inconveniences and fees involve in selling your house the traditional way?  

Some unscrupulous direct buyers have given us good guys some bad press about how house buyers take advantage of sellers. Take a look below as we dispel three myths people believe about selling your house directly in San Antonio. 

Unfair Methods

Direct house buyers truly care about helping people and the community. You can think of it as Improving your San Antonio neighborhoods one home at a time. A reputable direct buyer like the professionals at Big Buck Home Buyers will take the time to review multiple scenarios with you and show you the costs and potential profit associated with listing your property for sale with a realtor vs. selling your house directly. They want to make sure that you understand the ins and outs of each sales method, and help you determine which works best for you and help profit as much as possible given your current situation. They will also provide a likely timeline with selling your house directly in San Antonio to help you make an informed decision. Another aspect of traditional home sales to consider is that if you are working with an agent or listing your home independently, there simply is no guarantee of a buyer coming along, let alone a promise of the closing date. It is crucial to consider the dollar value of time lingering on the market while monthly bills continue into your calculations. 

Con Artists

Sure, as in any profession, there are some bad apples in real estate. But the overwhelming majority of licensed real estate agents who work as direct home buyers are solid individuals who understand that a stellar reputation is a key to success, upon which they have built a career. Many of these top notch agents live and work in San Antonio. These real estate agents have a conscience and want you to feel as though you received a fair price for your home without any regrets. This is a relationship business know that buy treating you right they may end up with a referral from you in the future but only if they leave you with a positive experience selling your house directly in San Antonio. Another story homeowners may have heard is that a direct buyer will string you along, acting as if they will work with you directly until they find an actual buyer for your home. Reputable direct buyers come with cash in hand and ready to invest in your property directly. Any and all questions about the process are welcomed by the upstanding professional investors like those at Big Buck Home Buyers. They don’t rush you or pressure you into signing a contract.

Hidden Costs

When you work with a direct buyer like Big Buck Home Buyers, you will not see your profits diminish with hidden fees or commissions that first appear at closing. Since direct buyers do not represent anyone as agents, real estate agent commissions are not taken off your profits. There are no upfront fees before the sale, either. A reputable direct buyer will spell out all terms clearly in writing. The contracts for a direct sale are incredibly straightforward. Also, any appraisals or inspections done on the property will be the buyers responsibility to pay, not yours! And when selling your house directly in San Antonio you won’t pay any closing costs. When you’re working with a highly respected direct buyer like those from Big Buck Home Buyers, all the numbers will be laid out clearly in the agreement you sign. When selling your house directly, you will also save a lot money because you don’t have to spend anything on prepping for the sale or making any repairs. Professional investors buy homes as-is and assume all risks for any necessary repairs. Selling your house directly can also give you a definite closing date. In some cases, closing can be arranged for in as little as seven days. A professional buyer understands that plans in life don’t always align perfectly and if necessary can hold the closing until a date that is convenient for you. 

Learn the truth for yourself. The professionals at Big Buck Home Buyers have years of experience with the problems home sellers face, which is why the direct buyers at Big Buck Home Buyers stop and take the time to listen to you. At Big Buck Home Buyers, our goal is to help you develop the best plan for your unique situation to get the best results possible. Call Big Buck Home Buyers at ‪(210) 920-5280‬ or send us a message today.

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