Should I Landscape My Yard When Trying To Sell My House? – Big Buck Home Buyers 2109205280

Should I Landscape My Yard Big Buck Home Buyers 2109205280
Speaker 1:
Hey everyone. This is Darren from Big Buck Home Buyers and we are just getting ready to put this beautiful house in Boerne on the market. I just wanted to talk about one thing before I go inside and give you the tour of the inside, and that is the outside. We spent a lot of time and energy on some landscaping here, and this really just helps dress up the outside of the house. It gives it that curb appeal that you always hear on whatever those shows are on TV that talk about curb appeal. This is very simple and it’s effective. All we’ve done here is just put a nice little simple garden along the entire length of the house. Put some mulch in there, not a whole lot of plants, as you can see. This was easy.

As far as choosing the plants, you really just need to read the label and see how big they grow and whether they prefer a lot of sun or a lot of shade, and then you can space them out and coordinate them as you see fit. You could even just grab some pots. You can buy these at Lowe’s, Home Depot or any other store. They’re cheap, they’re easy, and they’re effective. They just look great. When getting it ready for a flip, certainly this brings a lot of value because when someone looks at a property and they see that there has been nothing done to the outside as far as landscaping, they are thinking to themselves, well, hey, that’s a big job. That’s expensive. I’m going to have to do that once we buy the property. Do I really want to do that? It might not be the biggest decision, but it may make or break a decision.

We love doing this and it certainly finishes off the property and makes it look great. The other thing too, is grass. As you can see, we’re struggling a little bit with our grass here, but a good piece of advice is as soon as you acquire property, if the grass is a little sparse looking, throw a sprinkler on it. A timer, a temporary timer, you can hook up to your garden hose, get some sprinklers out there. Eventually the grass will start to come. Throwing down seed is cheap and easy, too. This has all been seeded. I wish I had got it seeded a long time ago, but unfortunately we had all that winter weather not too long ago and kept temperatures a little bit cooler. It’s easy. Throw down some seed, get your sprinklers on it and watch everything just blossom.

I hope you enjoyed this. I hope this was useful. Stay tuned for our next video. Thanks.
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