The Cost of Ownership: What Your San Antonio Property Is Really Costing You

Are you holding a property that you have decided to sell? Your property is quite literally holding you as well.  Properties are costly to hold on to.  These expenses could be preventing you from achieving some life goals.  Instead of going on that dream vacation or buying a new car you are stuck making mortgage payments on a property you do not want.  Even if there is no mortgage on the property there are still expenses such as taxes, insurance and repairs.  There are many factors to consider when selling your home, since this is likely the largest investment you have made.  You have found that the continuous costs are piling up not to mention the money you have spent on rehab and staging.  Then there is the inconvenience of keeping your house clean for showings and getting displaced while the house is being shown by folks who are unqualified, make low-ball offers or neighbors who just want to “take a peek!”

End The Costs

Some sellers are lucky and get a full offer (or over) within hours of being on the market but the likelyhood is that most properties can take several weeks, months or longer to sell.  The longer the property is on the market the more repairs and maintenance will be required.  These costs add up! 

You can save yourself from the stress of this addition risk and expenses by selling to Big Buck Home Buyers!  We can assume all the risk and expenses involved with your property and end the deafening sound of silence when it comes to getting offers on your San Antonio property.

What Owning A House Is Costing You

The costs of a property on the market can be devastating as time passes. Mortgage, insurance, taxes and maintenance keep piling on!  Your bottom line can also be largely influenced by several factors including  variable interest rate, the time of ownership, and changes in the market.  Believe it or not, your property’s value could drop during the time it is on the market resulting in less equity than you started with on your San Antonio property. 

Other expenses keep piling on as well.  Utilities, upkeep, and maintenance are ongoing.  This is essential when your property is on the market since a lack of maintenance will push buyers away or cause them to lower their offer.  In addition to the financial burden the property can bring, there is also an investment of your time involved in the property’s upkeep. Yes, you must keep the grass cut!!  These same costs of ownership can also drown you in unexpected expenses. This is especially true as homes age. 

Life happens as well.  You may have to move quickly due to a new job opportunity which will leave you to cover the costs of ownership.  You may even need to hire a professional to maintain your San Antonio property from a distance, in addition to now covering all of the costs of two properties!  You will also need to have someone you trust check the property regularly to report any new issues such as theft, leaks etc before a small problem becomes a large problem.


Vandals and thieves are attracted to vacant properties which could create more costly problems for you while you sit on your San Antonio property as well, contributing to what your San Antonio property could really cost.

There are many variables that can influence your bottom line when selling your home including financial markets, the housing market, costs and risks of maintaining an empty home and life changes.  Any or all of these factors will eat away at your equity and even worse, your savings.  Unexpected costs are inevitable with home ownership.  These costs can be compounded with a vacant house!  The bottom line is that time passing equals more costs to you. 

Once you add up all the inconveniences, risks and what your San Antonio property is really costing you in the long run why not sell your house quickly to Big Buck Home Buyers and let us relieve you of the financial responsibility and risks. We’re here to help!

Call Big Buck Home Buyers today at ‪(210) 920-5280‬ or send us a message to get a better understanding of your true cost of ownership! 

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