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Tranquil Trail Complete – Big Buck Home Buyers – 210-920-5280

Tranquil Trail Complete - Big Buck Home Buyers - 210-920-5280
Hey everyone. This is Jared again with Big Buck Home Buyers and I just wanted to take you on a walk through, through our latest project. So we bought this house probably a month and a half ago or so, and it is actually getting ready to go on the market, hopefully tomorrow. So normally I do some videos to give you an update on progress throughout the project, but this time, just didn’t happen. But anyway, we’re on the north side of San Antonio here, and it’s a great house, great neighborhood. We’re very happy with how everything came together and I’ll take you on a walk through the house.

Okay. So here we are coming in through the front door and immediately to your left is the dining room. And as you can see, there’s some wainscotting around the bottom of the walls there. We added that, updated the light fixtures. And through this doorway here, we come into the kitchen and in the kitchen, we updated most things in here, actually. So we painted the cabinets. They were this creamy color before, so we went with the white.

We put in new countertops throughout, and then also added this cool honeycomb backslash to the back of the wall there. And a little dining room area over here, or just a little breakfast area, I guess you could say. If you look through here, so just to give you a frame of reference, here’s the kitchen. And then you look through these pillars here and we have this awesome, awesome living room, main living area. And it’s big, it’s huge, nice big vaulted ceiling up there and very open space. Lots you could do with this area. It’s just an awesome room.

And here’s another angle that we have here. Some bay windows there pointing to the backyard. Have a built-in shelf there and a gas fireplace. And on the fireplace here, we did the honeycomb tile just to match the backsplash in the kitchen and painted all the woodwork white.

We’ll go upstairs in a minute, but since I’ve got this view here, I’ll show this to you now. We painted the banisters well, just to give that a little bit more of a modern feel. And if we walk into the back here, we have a little office area. So you could use this as a bedroom. There’s no closet, so you can’t really count it as a bedroom, but still could be. And one bathroom into here. And so we updated everything here as well, new vanity mirror, light fixture. We refinished the bathtub as well and new hardware.

Laundry room next door here, so a nice little laundry room area. And then of course, the garage is through here. A few more things to clean up there, but we’ll get to that. And coming back here, we’ll go upstairs. And this is a 1996 build, four bedrooms, three bathrooms. So nice big house, that’ll fit a nice big family. And so here’s one bedroom. Okay.

And as you’ll see throughout the house, the theme is pretty much the same everywhere where. We painted all the walls. We painted the ceiling, all the trim, doors and of course, we added carpet upstairs in all the bedrooms and we did the vinyl plank downstairs. And we also updated all of our door handles as well, just to give everything a nice uniform look.

Another bedroom here, nice big bay window and another bathroom. Here we are here, new vanity, mirror, fixture of course, And a refinished bathtub. And we carried the vinyl plank floors upstairs here as well. Coming down this hallway, here, we go into the master suite and here is the master. So again, a nice, beautiful window, looking into those nice trees out in the front, beautiful walk-in closet here and here is the master bathroom.

So we updated the vanities here. We went with brand new ones, new mirrors, light fixtures, little closet off the side. There’s a toilet in there. I can think of many people who would love to jump in this bathtub, another shower. And that’s about it. So we can take one more view off the top here, which is really cool.

This is again, the main living area, beautiful open space. And again, we’re hoping that this is going to be on the market tomorrow. Thanks for watching. Of course, if you have a house to sell, we’re always looking for new projects. So visit us on the web at or call us at (210) 920-5280. Thanks. Hope you enjoyed it.
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