What San Antonio Home Sellers Should Do After a Poor Property Inspection

What San Antonio Home Sellers Should Do After a Poor Property Inspection

In a traditional real estate transaction, there is usually an inspection contingency in the sales contract that gives the buyer the opportunity to walk away from the deal. You never know what problems may be lurking behind walls or under the floors. The best practice for San Antonio home sellers is to have their property inspected before getting an offer. The article below explores what San Antonio home sellers should do after a poor property inspection.


To begin with, you may believe that the inspection report is incorrect or inaccurate. Some property inspectors may go overboard on their reporting having faced lawsuits for inaccuracy in the past. If you truly believe that the inspector’s professionalism is to blame following a poor property inspection, then San Antonio home sellers should seek out a highly reputable real estate professional like the professional investors at Big Buck Home Buyers for recommendation for a fair and trustworthy inspector. They can easily direct you towards a reputable inspector since direct buyers work with a team of well respected professionals in all areas of real estate. This team is passionate about helping sellers solve their real estate challenges and is always ready to jump into action, be they time or financial crunches. Because a professional investor outlines everything that goes into calculating an offer, if the second inspection report should come out with poor results, a direct buyer will buy your home as-is and provide you with a fair offer that details realistic expenses for each issue.


After a poor property inspection, some buyers may still decide to go forward with the sale but this may come with some added terms. The buyer may try to barter with you for a large appliance, an antique piece of furniture or some other option the buyer may be interested in. Agreeing to the requests of the buyer may be a painful sacrifice for you but doing so may keep the deal going. Completing the repairs prior to closing is another option that the buyer may require. These repairs may be expensive and will come out of your pocket. Some sellers may find themselves in a dilemma, understanding that the repairs will increase the property value but may lack the funds to complete the repairs. However, following a poor property inspection, buyers often go overboard with what they want, feeling they have you over a barrel. Prior to proceeded with a traditional sale, it may be worth considering talking to a direct buyer like those at Big Buck Home Buyers who will provide you with a no-obligation offer, which will help you sort out the reasonable requests from those where the buyers have crossed the line into ridiculous demands.


Worst case scenario with a poor property inspection, your buyer backs out of the deal. If this happens you should seriously consider changing course with your sales method. You may not have the time to address all the items identified in the inspection, or you may not the finances in place to complete the repairs. Unless you have the time, money and will to complete all the necessary repairs, you will need to disclose any known defects to the next buyer, when San Antonio home sellers have a poor property inspection. You will be forced to sell as-is. Your buyer pool shrinks drastically when selling with known defects, since only a few buyers are willing to take on so many problems with a property. A traditional listing with known faults usually stays on the market longer than other properties. Offers for such homes are few and far between. During this addition holding time, your monthly bills continue to flow in. While your property was already listed, the days are adding up as you work with your buyer, leaving you in a less than advantageous position. The offers that you do receive will likely be extremely low since buyers will be seeking bargain basement deals. Direct buyers want to see you get a fair price, so why not avoid the emotional roller coaster of waiting and being disappointed. The best part, your closing could be in as little as seven days. Why not reach out for a no-obligation quote from a professional investor like those at Big Buck Home Buyers.

You could skip all the worry and headaches that come with the results of a home inspection and sell directly to Big Buck Home Buyers! We welcome you to contact us and share all of your concerns. At Big Buck Home Buyers, we take the time to listen to you and help save more of your money for you! You can rest easy when you work with the direct buyers at Big Buck Home Buyers, who offer solutions for any situation. San Antonio, home sellers can avoid all of the stress and hassle accompanying a poor property inspection by calling Big Buck Home Buyers at ‪(210) 920-5280‬ or sending us a message today.~

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