6 Reasons Your San Antonio House Isn’t Selling

6 Reasons Your San Antonio House Isn't Selling

Your house still hasn’t sold? It can be stressful waiting for a buyer to come along. It is emotionally draining having to get the house ready for showings and have no offers follow. You may also be feeling an increasing financial burden as the bills continue to roll in as time passes. It’s possible that you may be even be paying for two properties at the same time. This is particularly true if you have had to relocate. If the days are adding up to weeks and months, it can become downright depressing as every day passes.  There are likely many reasons why your San Antonio house isn’t selling.

If your house is lingering on the San Antonio market, it’s time to make a change! There is something that isn’t right with your listing. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a prospective buyer and you have to make sure your listing does just that. Every detail matters when you list your home. By learning these six reasons your San Antonio house isn’t selling, you can make better-informed decisions and finally sell your home.


Prospective buyers generally do their research when looking for a new home. They become very familiar with their favorite locations and the pricing in those neighborhoods. If they look at the location and features of your property and your asking price seems to be outrageous, then this is most likely the reason your San Antonio house isn’t selling. Some buyers may consider making a lower offer, but few buyers are comfortable with the idea of potentially insulting a seller with a a low offer. Asking too much gets you off on the wrong foot when listing your house. Setting the price right from the beginning is the best way to limit the time your home sits on the market waiting for a buyer.


Potential buyers expect to see the latest technology and modern finishes when they walk through your home. It may be necessary to do some updates if your San Antonio house isn’t selling. Items like countertops to appliances and convenient features that meet the demands of technology may need to be updated. Even though the wallpaper from 1972 is lovely, it is likely a turn off to potential buyers and could be the very reason your San Antonio house isn’t selling.


Another reason why your San Antonio house isn’t selling may be because of obvious items in need of repair. Most buyers are looking for a move-in ready home for their family and do not want to have to worry about a long list of items to fix. Some buyers are savvy enough to include contingencies asking for credit against the cost of repairs. These deductions can significantly reduce the offer price, bringing it below the home’s value, even with the need for repairs. If your house is brand new then it probably doesn’t need any repairs. If not, your house likely needs at least some repairs that you are aware of, and some that you are not aware of. You can be held responsible for problems even after your house sells even if you are oblivious to the problem. You must disclose any problems with the house that you are aware of. Failure to do so can be extremely costly and even have you end up in court.

Bad Advertising 

Advertising is a crucial element in the sale of your San Antonio house and a multifaceted endeavor. In addition to having top quality photographs for your listings, most buyers now also expect a virtual 360 tours requiring professional photographers and drone pilots. The write-up must also be top notch enticing prospective buyers and keeping their attention on your listing. If you or your real estate agent have fallen short in this regard, this may be the reason your San Antonio house isn’t selling.


Staging has become a popular element in marking homes for sale. Staging gives the buyers an idea as to how to use the space in the house so they can visualize their own furnishings and belongings in the home. Neutralizing the house is key and putting away many personal items and painting over your favorite shade of red on the walls can help buyers picture themselves living in the home. Using neutral tones and removing some of your belongings visible during walk-throughs can vastly reduce the time on the market. If it appears to be someone’s home already, this is a potential reason your San Antonio house isn’t selling.


Listing your home for sale, open houses, showings, and finally inspections and the appraisal all require appointments with industry professionals. These meetings take time out of your day, not to mention maintaining your home to look magazine perfect at the drop of a hat for a showing. If you’re unable or unwilling to make your home open and available with a moments notice, then you probably found the reason your San Antonio house isn’t selling.

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